Rick Hartley seminar in Paris

Sign-up for a exiting 2 day seminar with Richard Hartley about (Control of Noise, EMI & SI) by using below form. Knowing how to design circuit boards to contain and control energy (fields) and knowing how to mitigate and control the effects of high-speed devices is the key to the successful design of low noise circuits. This 2-day seminar with signal integrity guru, Richard Hartley, is a crisp focus of the issues PCB designers and engineers need to know to prevent problems with noise, EMI & signal integrity. Moreover, you will learn how to deal with crosstalk and grounding problems in high-speed digital and mixed-signal designs. Sign up and we will send you more practical information when we get closer to the seminar. Total price for the event is € 1100,- (including one socialising dinner with beverage): We look forward to seeing you 14th – 15th May 2020 in Paris (France).